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About our last event 2022

The 2022 Health Regions Summit, organized by the regional government of Madeira, in partnership with the Forum Hospital do Futuro, is attended by all regional institutions and other top organizations in healthcare.

This event aims to contribute to the strengthening of collaborative ties between the participating health organizations with the active participation of civil society, in a continuous search for health gains, reinforcing the importance of the role to be played by Health Regions in this post-pandemic era.


A hybrid event in Madeira


Portugal's Madeira Islands, which sit between North Africa and Portugal, have been named the best island destination in the world every year since 2015 (Insider).


However, Madeira is a lot more than a pearl in the Atlantic. The region is now home to hundreds of digital nomads and entrepreneurs that are creating a unique innovation hub in this new post-pandemic era (Startup Madeira).


The Regional Government of Madeira is backing this movement by offering a world-class health service and embracing a path of digital transformation hosting a range of projects that seek to promote the health and well being of the future (Digit Madeira

Virtual Summit in 2019

Madeira Safe.png

In the midst of the Pandemic, we boldly gather this first virtual summit, exclusively online, hoping for better days finally arriving. 

Madeira Safe is an easy process to streamline the health procedure to be followed by the travellers coming from outside the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

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